New Toy: Samsung Gear 2 Neo Watch

Recently, I decided to make the switch from Iphone to Samsung and it was all because of a watch - the Samsung Gear. I have a small addiction to technology and the Gear looked like it could solve some social media issues (the hubby hates when I look at my cell during dinner), not to mention help out in the health department, so why not give the little guy a try? Plus it looked oh so cool in VOGUE this summer.

Although the Samsung Gear in VOGUE was this one, I decided to go with the Gear 2 Neo because it had awesome reviews and the features I wanted. Now I can keep track of incoming messages, texts, phone calls and cool fitness type stuff like heart rate and how many steps I take - all from my wrist! I have even answered a phone call or two, straight from my watch!! Talk about a Knight Rider moment!! LOL

There are a ton of apps that can be added to this watch (I'm probably not using the watch to its fullest) but so far I've kept it down to a few. And in the few months that I've had it, its only needed to be restarted a couple of times - so basically no real problems. And its connection with Bluetooth - how it communicates data with the phone - has a pretty good distance to it. I can easily leave the phone in the living room and still get messages in my bedroom = bonus! 

But does it look good ...

Yes it does! Here's what it looks like with some fun bracelets:

Cute, right? Now go get yourself one!! Your heart/body and significant other will thank you!


MOTD | Beyond Wonderland Electronic Dance Festival

Guess who got to attend the Beyond Wonderland electronic dance festival as a mad hatter last weekend?!?!? THIS GIRL!!

I've always wanted to wear different colored eyeshadow on each eye, so when I got the opportunity to do something cool with my makeup for the festival, I took it! It wasn't easy, and definitely took a couple tries to get it right but on the last day it came out perfectly! 

My outfit was mostly bronze, black & gold because we went with a more steam-punk vibe for our mad hatters crew, however, I absolutely loved Johnny Depp's makeup in the last Alice in Wonderland movie so I decided to go with that color palette. Why not, right?  Plus I knew it would make my face pop in the sea of bronze & black. And I must have done something right because a ton of people loved it!! *happy dance* I'm in so many photos ... ha ha ha. 

How did I achieve this look? Honestly, I just used Johnny's picture as inspiration and went to town on the MAC Chromaline waterproof gel/cream liner product line! I always go to that line when I want a long lasting, vibrant look. I knew the colors would pop in pictures, even in bright daylight. Pictures came out great and makeup didn't even budge - not even a crease (and I danced a lot!!!) - totally happy with this choice!!

As far as techniques ... I used the good ol color wheel/color theory, mixed a couple colors up but the others came straight out of the jar (Hi-Def Cyan & Process Magenta). Of course, the design was adjusted to fit my eye shape, then gave it my own flair. But the most important thing that made this extra special was creating some depth & dimension within the colors - making darker areas within each color and adding glitter & pigment to make things pop - totally made the look!

Overall, I really enjoyed doing this look and would love to play and tweak with it some more - there are so many possibilities!! Give it a whirl and you'll see what I mean. :)

Beauty Tip: Age Is Just A Number - That's All!

I'm a firm believer that age is just a number and that's all it really is. I think real age is determined by how we feel inside. What does that mean in the world of makeup? It means we don't always have to follow the age appropriate makeup rules - it's okay to bend them!

So if you're 30+ and you feel like rocking some glitter, reach for a fun glitter liner. Feeling really sassy? Then do glitter from eyelid to crease! (Coordinate with matte and sheen shadows of course.) But draw the line at throwing glitter all over the entire lid/brow area. Unless it's for a costume party (that's a whole different story!) because otherwise it just looks like you're trying too hard ... or crazy and who wants that?!

If you wanna wear bright colors, make sure they look like they could be in the same color palette with each other. Pick one feature or a couple to deck out, just remember to do it the right way: blend! blend! blend! + make them compliment not compete! I've totally worn a bright eye AND a bright lip (image) by following my little guidelines mentioned above - and everyone loved it! Key things to remember: there is a time and place for everything!! Think about the event/place you are going to - if you can have a little fun with your look then go for it! Why not?!  

Awesome Magazine Alert: New You

Oh where has NEW YOU been all my 30's?!?!? 

I just found this guy on the stands while flying back from Denver and it is one of the best reads I've picked up in a long time. It's kind of like SELF meets NEW BEAUTY (but less advertisey and scientific) meets W. All the articles totally spoke to me which made me read through it lightening fast! I really enjoyed the skincare articles and tidbits about health - very informational with a touch of science, but short & sweet (my cup of tea). The celeb articles were great too! The topics in this magazine captured my age group perfectly. Oh yea and don't get discouraged about the price ($9.99 US) because its put out quarterly, not monthly. I recommend it for readers 30 & up!

Image courtesy of New You Magazine

7 Tips For Creating The Nude Makeup (No Makeup) Look

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MOTD | Outside Lands Festival 2014

In cased you missed it, Outside Lands music festival (San Francisco) was last weekend and these were my makeup looks. I posted them on Instagram. While some beauties opted to wear little to no makeup (there's kind of a no-makeup makeup movement going on right now), I decided to have some fun! 

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