Makeup Assisting In Las Vegas

A little over a month ago I had the privilege of assisting makeup on a few photoshoots in Las Vegas, NV with an amazing makeup artist - Donald Simrock. It was one of my very first major assisting jobs and it turned out to be such a cooooool experience!! The locations, clothing, jewelry, makeup & hair - the entire trip - was so surreal! And I couldn't have asked for a better makeup artist to assist - Donald was so much fun to work with!! I worked a lot, learned a ton but not once did it feel like work ... and that's why I love this career!!

Two of the photoshoots (Rock City & Eva Shaw's Jet-Set Life) have come out on already. The third will be ...

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Everyday Drink | Fruit Flavored Water - The Lazy Way

Summer is well underway and it's been a dry one so far, so it's important to stay hydrated by eating & drinking lots of things that contain water. But if you're a busy girl like me and don't like the taste of plain ol' water, then it can be real tricky getting enough water intake! So I've come up with a super easy recipe! (Behold! The lazy fruit flavored water recipe!!)

Basically here's how it goes ... 

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Makeup Session: Lauren

After taking MuseBeautyPro's Business of Bridal class, which I HIGHLY recommend, I knew I had to practice all the awesome techniques Alphonse taught me, so I booked a little makeup session with my friend Lauren. We went to esthetician school together, she's used to me playing with her beautiful face!!

In this session, we practiced ...

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B&TD Review | The Makeup Show LA

I've been to many trade shows in the past (WSA, MAGIC, Project, etc. ) when I worked for a major online shoe retailer, but this was my very first beauty industry show. And I have to say, I had a lot of fun at The Makeup Show LA! Maybe it was because of my love of all things makeup, or maybe it was because I was surrounded by so much creativity ... I don't know but either way I know I'll be back next year!

2014-03-01 15_2.jpg

This year The Makeup Show occurred on Saturday March 1st through Sunday March 2nd (Oscar weekend). And I can see why they scheduled it that way - lots of great speakers & makeup artists were in town which made it easier for everyone to drop in on the event. There were about 60+ exhibitors, 7 keynote speakers, 7 hands-on workshops, 12 focus kit building series and an Icon Gallery (Kevyn Aucoin).  In addition, many demos by various artists (and a school - Ruby Make Up Academy) were going on throughout the show.  My attention was definitely captured the entire time!

For my very first show I chose not to attend any workshops ($140+ each) and focus series ($12 each). I did that because I wasn't sure what to expect. Looking back, I definitely should have taken advantage of all the workshops & series!  Next time I will. I mean, here in the Bay classes like those would cost $400 + up! And such a variety of artists - in one place - is difficult to come by these days. So yea, next time this girl is TAKING ADVANTAGE!!

Here was my beauty haul (below). My goal at the show was to touch and feel products, decide if they had any place in my kit.  But man was it hard! There was SO MUCH fun stuff!! Plus there were things at pro-price, which I normally don't qualify for (because I'm a just starting out as a makeup artist), so it was extremely difficult to stay focused and not buy the world! LOL

And some pics from the show ...

Overall, it was a great show and I'm excited to see what they have in store for next year! 

Saving My Dry Hair - One Strand At A Time

Every February for Presidents Day weekend, I travel to my favorite city - Las Vegas - for my birthday celebration. I used to live there for four years, so I know how dry it can get. And every time I go back it is complete hell for my hair. Nothing ever seems to work and by the second day my hair is SO FRIZZY and limp - I always end up looking like a hot mess.  

But this time I was determined to get a solid regimen in place, something to protect my newly colored hair and to keep it properly moisturized. And this time ...

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