Saving My Dry Hair - One Strand At A Time

Every February for Presidents Day weekend, I travel to my favorite city - Las Vegas - for my birthday celebration. I used to live there for four years, so I know how dry it can get. And every time I go back it is complete hell for my hair. Nothing ever seems to work and by the second day my hair is SO FRIZZY and limp - I always end up looking like a hot mess.  

But this time I was determined to get a solid regimen in place, something to protect my newly colored hair and to keep it properly moisturized. And this time ...

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Tara Elaine On Facebook

I'mmmmmmm baaaaccccccck!!! Apologies for the brief hiatus ya'll, but over the holidays I was working for a major beauty retailer as a skincare consultant (don't worry, I'll share my experience on here - very soon!) and caught the dreaded flu. Like the real flu. So needless to say, it was a super busy, wild and crazy holiday season! 

Anyway, can I tell you how happy I am its February?!?!? Not only am I feeling better (FINALLY!!) but its my birthday month!! YAY!!  And every Presidents Day weekend I head to one of my favorite vacation spots - VEGAS. This is the city where I feel the most free when it comes to style and makeup! So be on the lookout for some great pictures & posts on how my beauty arsenal holds up while I am out there. Which brings me to my next point. You'll most likely find those posts on my facebook page, so you'll want to follow me there too!  Of course anything major will be posted here, but fb seems to get more action these days!