Sephora Pocket Contour App Review | Beauty and the Drink

Anytime the word 'contour' is mentioned, my head pops up and I'm all ears! It's my thing ... and I can't get enough of it. Even though I've been trained many times over on the correct way to contour, I still want check things out. Because hey, you never know, what if there's a new way of doing things?

So when I saw something called ...

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Healthy Drink | Raspberry Water With AquaZinger

One of my favorite drinks to make is good ol water with fruit ... but in the past, bottles were big and clunky in design. Enter AquaZinger. It looks and feels like your average coffee mug but holds a healthy, yummy goodness inside. And I like how when I twist the bottom on, it mushes the berries for me - releasing their flavor throughout the water. Today I filled mine with organic raspberries. 

Going Back To My Roots - Drawing!

After doing another photoshoot - where I had to draw on a tattoo - I decided that I needed to take up drawing again. It's something that I did as a child and enjoyed very much. And sometimes I was good at it - like the time where my mom thought I actually traced a picture! LOL 

Anyway, I did a little research on what I should get and off I went to my local art store - Blick's - to pick up drawing materials. Why the paint brushes and ink blocks? Well, I've always admired the watercolor/color illustrations on Instagram, so that's why I grabbed them. I can't wait to play!!

My plan is to start out with faces, eyes, lips and some fun drawing like MANGA (Japanese comic book style). Manga animals are super cute (= motivation!), so I am trying those first. But mostly I'm hoping this drawing thing will improve my overall makeup skills, to give me a steady hand. Of course, only time will tell. 

Once I get a little better, I will post some stuff here! So stay tuned!!

MUA Diaries: These Crazy Days | Beauty And The Drink

Hey all, sorry I've been MIA lately but I've been a little bit sick and lotta busy! Let's see, where do I begin ... here are the deets on what I've been up to:

MAKEUP JOBS have been calling and I've been trying to take advantage of all of them this holiday season! So right now I am juggling three jobs: 1) as a freelance MUA with a major makeup company 2) as a freelance MUA for a mobile beauty app that just launched in SF and 3) as a bridal MUA apprentice with an amazing MUA here in the East Bay. (And in case you are wondering, yes they all know about each other and are totally fine with it!) Whew! Sounds like a lot but its getting easier to manage as the days go on. I'm trying to get in as much makeup experience as I can before next bridal season. I WANT TO BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING! 

Oh and I AM GOING TO IMATS LA in January 2015!!! WOOT!! *Happy Dance* I'm super excited!!! I missed this show last January so I was on a mission to get my tickets for 2015. If you haven't gotten yours, get'em now cuz they're gonna sell out! Now I gotta get hotel .... hmmmm where to stay??

And lately I've been doing a lot of PHOTOSHOOTS. Some of them I've been the MUA while on others I've been an assistant. They are one of my fave things to do as a makeup artist because I love the creativeness of it all. I love when creative people throw their ideas around. I love to see the end results. I love all the pretty pictures. SO MUCH FUN!!

Last but not least, I've been a little bit sick the past few weeks. I found out I was really Vitamin D deficient - probably because I wear a lot of sunscreen, hide from the sun (it's the estie in me!) and don't eat/drink enough things fortified with Vitamin D, so it created a lot of issues but my docs gave me some cool high dose pills that will get me back on the right track . Hopefully I won't be as weak and lethargic as I have been the past few weeks. Can't wait to feel normal again! Vitamin D deficiency is no joke ya'll! Make sure you're getting enough!

Okay, that's the latest for now ... I'll do my best to post more often!



Makeup Tip: Concealer Is A Great Primer For Lipstick

Next time ya put on lipstick, try this: apply concealer (or foundation) on lips before applying lipstick. Not only will it neutralize the color of your lips but it will help lipstick stay on longer. By doing this, the concealer or foundation acts as a primer for any lip product. And you'll experience truer colors from lippies. Great, right?!