Awesome Magazine Alert: New You

Oh where has NEW YOU been all my 30's?!?!? 

I just found this guy on the stands while flying back from Denver and it is one of the best reads I've picked up in a long time. It's kind of like SELF meets NEW BEAUTY (but less advertisey and scientific) meets W. All the articles totally spoke to me which made me read through it lightening fast! I really enjoyed the skincare articles and tidbits about health - very informational with a touch of science, but short & sweet (my cup of tea). The celeb articles were great too! The topics in this magazine captured my age group perfectly. Oh yea and don't get discouraged about the price ($9.99 US) because its put out quarterly, not monthly. I recommend it for readers 30 & up!

7 Tips For Creating The Nude Makeup (No Makeup) Look

Here in the bay, we've been rocking the nude makeup (no makeup) look for like ever but now I see it popping up in mainstream: Allure earlier this month and then Byrdie last week. It's something I get asked to do all the time, and everyone either wants to know how they can achieve this look without looking overdone or are completely afraid of showing off their skin. And to tell you the truth, I was ...

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MOTD | Outside Lands Festival 2014

In cased you missed it, Outside Lands music festival (San Francisco) was last weekend and these were my makeup looks. I posted them on Instagram. While some beauties opted to wear little to no makeup (there's kind of a no-makeup makeup movement going on right now), I decided to have some fun! 

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Makeup Assisting In Las Vegas

A little over a month ago I had the privilege of assisting makeup on a few photoshoots in Las Vegas, NV with an amazing makeup artist - Donald Simrock. It was one of my very first major assisting jobs and it turned out to be such a cooooool experience!! The locations, clothing, jewelry, makeup & hair - the entire trip - was so surreal! And I couldn't have asked for a better makeup artist to assist - Donald was so much fun to work with!! I worked a lot, learned a ton but not once did it feel like work ... and that's why I love this career!!

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Everyday Drink | Fruit Flavored Water - The Lazy Way

Summer is well underway and it's been a dry one so far, so it's important to stay hydrated by eating & drinking lots of things that contain water. But if you're a busy girl like me and don't like the taste of plain ol' water, then it can be real tricky getting enough water intake! So I've come up with a super easy recipe! (Behold! The lazy fruit flavored water recipe!!)

Basically here's how it goes ... 

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